I am a software engineer specialized in backend development, but I try to keep an eye on every aspect of the information technology spectrum.

I aim to design elegant, maintainable and reusable software systems and deploy those using DevOps practices.


I try to redistribute to the opensource community as often as possible. Here is an extract of libraries I created:


In the same fashion as for open source, I aim to spread knowledge as much as possible. I already wrote a few articles, and am actively looking for subject to write about.

You can find my articles on the following websites, chose the one that suits you most:


I tried to experience as much work environments as possible. At first, I wanted to find somewhere I would feel well; then it evolved to curiosity as each environment gave me new perspectives. Thanks to that, I feel that I can be comfortable in any company size, and work on almost every subject around software engineering.

My experience in reverse chronological order can be summarized as follows:

  • Software engineering consultant at SFEIR Logo SFEIR
  • Software engineer and Technical leader at Scaleway Logo Scaleway
  • Research Engineer at Inria Logo Inria
  • System Administration Intern at Worldline Logo Inria

You can find my complete resume on LinkedIn or as a PDF File.